3 Sustainable Landscaping Solutions Every Landscaper Should Know

Sustainable Landscaping Solutions

Sustainable landscaping is the practice of using environmentally friendly products and systems to help address environmental problems. Whatever the environmental challenge at hand, sustainable landscaping aims to offset or correct it. For example, in desert climates, water conservation is the emphasis, whereas in flood-prone areas, soil erosion prevention would be the focus.

This trend is nowhere close to slowing down. Here’s a list of common sustainable landscaping techniques for you to use on your upcoming jobs!


#1) Rain Gardens

Think of this, rain and snow waters are often contaminated (with salt, oil & chemicals for example) and when the irrigation process starts, the habitat might be in peril. This is where the rain garden comes into place and works its magic. Rain gardens reduce the quantity of contaminated water evacuated into our environment and sources of drinking water. The latter captures & absorbs rainfall in order to reduce runoff and also helps reduce flooding!

Sustainable Landscaping Rain Garden


#2) Bioswales

Similar to the rain garden, bioswales fight erosion and pollution of water tables. Bioswales are vegetated, shallow, landscaped depressions used as filters that stop debris and runoff water. Built principally in parking lots, these channels absorb the overflow of water during heavy rain and prevent engine oils and other liquid waste from ending up in the rivers.

This type of system was so well received that it is now mandatory in every parking lot in the city of Portland Oregon! Portland is looking damn good if you ask us!


 #3) Drip Irrigation System

These systems are in high demand, particularly in areas with strong water use restrictions. Drip irrigation is a type of micro-irrigation system that aims to save water and nutrients that are essential to your plants. The mechanism allows water to drip slowly to the roots of plants, placing water directly in the root zone and minimizing evaporation. The building of a drip irrigation system is not only easy to accomplish, but also inexpensive to implement.

What about you? What sustainable landscaping techniques do you use?

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