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Get your wholesale plants, trees, and palm trees as planned every time, with our zero cost service.

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What landscaping looks like with a little sourcing help

With GoMaterials on your side, you can trim down hassles like late deliveries, poor quality plants & trees, and hundreds of hours spent coordinating.

The GoMaterials advantage

The GoMaterials advantage

50% extra time saved by outsourcing coordination

Your business day and weekends are yours again

98% acceptance rate on all plants and trees

Avoid losses and failed quality inspections

48 hours or less to get plant and tree estimates

Never lose out on a bid due to late plant estimates

30% higher estimated profit margins

Get competitive pricing and reduce overtime hours


We’re an extension of your team, not just a plant broker

End-to-end service from estimation to post-delivery follow-ups

Dedicated account manager to help you every step of the way

Optimized quotes for your entire plant list based on your job requirements

Real-time online platform to track the status of all quotes and orders

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Over a million plants and trees sourced from hundreds of wholesale nurseries

GoMaterials follows a stringent quality evaluation process to select only the top wholesale nurseries for each location we operate in.

  • Best wholesale nurseries in each service region

    Our wholesale nursery partners are selected and constantly rated based on their quality, price, and reliability.

  • Strict internal quality benchmarks

    GoMaterials follows top-tier quality grade requirements in accordance with US and Canadian nursery association standards.

  • Validated to be inspection-ready

    We help double-check specs and provide pictures for quality validation prior to order delivery.


How we get you the best quote

Every GoMaterials quote is custom-built using our best-fit equation that checks real-time availability, logistics, and your unique price and quality requirements.

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We handle all logistics, planning, and delivery for wholesale plants

Each shipment of plants and trees is carefully planned to increase efficiency and reduce costs. We take maximum care to protect your materials from any damage in transit.

The right vehicle

Open trailer flatbeds are selected for large caliper trees and palms, enclosed trailers for smaller plants, and reefer trailers for the hot season.

The right way

Plants are loaded to prevent any damage to branching or root balls and covered with nursery tarps to protect your materials.

How Pine Lake optimized sourcing for a large commercial project

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quality shrubs, palms & trees sourced


hours of coordination saved


Your questions answered

What type of products can I buy through GoMaterials?

We specialize in the procurement of trees, palms, shrubs and perennials regardless of their caliper, size, or weight. We’re here for all your plant needs. We also offer hardscape products in select regions. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] for specific hardscape inquiries.

How much does it cost?

GoMaterials is 100% free for landscape professionals with no membership fee or setup fee required to join!

How is GoMaterials different from other platforms?

We understand that you’re busy (really busy!) and our platform is built with that in mind. While other platforms require you to look through listings, build your own quotes and even contact suppliers directly, we take care of all that for you. All you have to do is send in a list, and we do the rest.

Where are the plants coming from? Who are your suppliers?

We’ve partnered with hundreds of wholesale nurseries and suppliers across the USA and Canada. We do business in New York, New Jersey, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California as well as the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. An order will typically be sourced locally, but we may source from other regions for larger orders if the pricing is more competitive.

How do you make sure that the materials are of good quality?

We take quality very seriously and ensure that all suppliers on our platform are reputable. We also take the following additional measures:
1. We can provide images of any product before the order is booked
2. We will remove suppliers from our platform if the quality is consistently not up to our standards

You say you provide “optimized quotes”, what does that mean?

It means that we treat each quote differently, aiming to provide you with the best price and quality. We optimize your quote based on the supplier's product availability as well as price and logistics organization. For example, we might combine multiple suppliers on a single order to get you more competitive pricing (but before we do, we make sure that the additional transportation costs won’t outweigh the savings on the product).

Do you offer delivery?

Yes! We organize all the logistics to ensure your materials arrive at your job site or holding yard when you need them. We always account for logistics optimization when putting together quotes, particularly when multiple suppliers are needed to fulfill the order. We include delivery costs in our quotes.

What are your payment options and terms?

We accept all major credit cards and also offer credit terms for larger accounts.

What is your turnaround time?

You can specify when you need your quotes back and we will respect those timelines. We usually require 24-48 hours depending on the quote size. Orders must be placed a minimum of 48 hours before delivery is required.

How do product returns work?

If an unsatisfactory product arrives to the jobsite, we will arrange for a return or replacement if there is proof that the product is not up to the right standard. Note that we must be notified upon receipt of the materials (before our delivery truck leaves the jobsite).

Do you have an availability list?

We do not have an availability list. Because we work with hundreds of wholesale nurseries, we provide pricing on a quote-by-quote basis. This allows us to find you the most competitive pricing as well as to take into account logistics and product availabilities.

Do you have a minimum requirement?

Minimum order size is $3000.


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