Grow your wholesale plant nursery revenue without any hassles

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Get an extension of your sales & marketing team

Save time on business development, unpredictable customer demands, and chasing receivables. We take care of it all for you!

The GoMaterials advantage

The GoMaterials advantage

Save time on coordination

Get back time wasted on coordination and client communication

100% risk-free way to grow

No upfront costs or investment needed to get started

Get paid on time, every time

We handle all administrative tasks tied to collections and payments

Over 1 million plant units sold

We’re continuously growing our network of landscape professionals


The smarter way to sell wholesale plants


Share your latest availability list or catalogue with us


We build quotes based on your latest inventory or catalogue


Get confirmed orders when our members win a bid


Prepare the materials for pick-up, and we’ll handle the rest!


Scale up your nursery at a regular or accelerated pace

Become a regular or a preferred supplier to start selling your inventory through our network.

Regular Supplier

No upfront cost or commission. Start selling immediately to GoMaterials members without the hassles of customer coordination.

Preferred Supplier

Gain 2-3 times more plant nursery revenues in exchange for an agreed-upon commission percentage.

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Why growers love GoMaterials

“Everde Growers is excited to work with the GoMaterials team. They have a fresh and strategic approach to their business that keeps them ahead of the game in the industry.”

Nicholas Staddon

Company Spokesperson and Plantsman, Everde Growers

“They’ve assisted us in our customer sales, making the process much easier and simplifying payment. We look forward to continuing to work and grow with GoMaterials.”

Betty-Anne Gifford

President, Dutchmaster Nurseries Ltd.

“Working with GoMaterials has been an easy way for me to grow my business. Their team is organized, friendly, and always available. They simplify the sales process for us and make sure we always get paid on time.”

Joey Bartonek

General Manager, Barton Nurseries


Your questions answered

How is GoMaterials different from other platforms?

Our goal is to bring you more business by eliminating some of your most time-consuming tasks. While other platforms act as wholesale nursery directories, we take care of the hard work for you – from communicating with potential buyers to coordinating the plant deliveries.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to start selling with GoMaterials. There is no registration fee, membership fee or catalogue setup fee to join. For suppliers who wish to join our preferred supplier program, we prioritize your inventory on orders in exchange for a small sales commission that is collected when your product is sold.

Who delivers the products?

We take care of organizing the logistics. All you have to do is have the product ready to go on the day of the delivery. If you do offer delivery, we may ask that you deliver the product only when we can fill a full load.

How do payments work?

GoMaterials takes care of all the payment processing. In other words, you invoice us for all orders you receive through the platform. We ensure you get paid as per our agreed terms.

Is there any additional work for me?

We understand how busy you are! Our quoting and ordering process has been designed to reduce your workload, not add to it! All you need to do is send us your availability list and we will use it to quote our landscaper members. When an order is confirmed, we will contact you to place the order. You can also easily track all current and upcoming orders using our online platform.

Do I need to manage listings?

You don’t actively need to manage any listings. We simply ask that you share your availability list with us on a regular basis. If you have an existing availability list newsletter, you can add us to it.

Do I communicate with the buyers?

GoMaterials takes care of all back-and-forth communication for you. Instead of managing order changes, logistics organization and availability confirmations with multiple buyers, you simply coordinate with us, and we manage the rest!

What are the quality standards?

We take quality very seriously and vet all wholesale nurseries on our platform to ensure the products delivered to our buyers are of the highest standards. We also take the following measures when needed:
1.We may ask for images of product before the order is confirmed
2.We may send our GoMaterials horticulturalists to personally tag a product
3.We will remove suppliers from our platform if quality is not consistently up to our standards


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