How Pine Lake Optimized Sourcing for South Florida Landscaping Plants


Shrubs, palms & trees sourced


Florida No. 1 grade quality ensured


Coordination hours saved


Delivery trucks deployed


Pine Lake Nursery & Landscape Inc

Pine Lake Nursery & Landscape Inc is a green industry leader with over 150 years of professional experience in growing, installation, irrigation, and maintenance services. They are renowned for outstanding quality and consistently providing Florida Grade 1 products.

Today, Pine Lake is an important member of Florida’s landscaping community, and have an exemplary record, including referrals from many city councils, commercial clients, and HOAs.


Why Pine Lake needed optimized plant material sourcing

As a nursery themselves, Pine Lake takes pride in their quality and wanted to maintain their standards as they scaled up. With over 75 acres of plant materials across two locations at their disposal, the Pine Lake team had in-depth knowledge of Florida grades and inspection requirements.

However, for larger orders, their team often faced challenges with coordination between multiple external suppliers. They needed a simpler, better way to fulfill high-volume landscaping projects.

Top challenges for Pine Lake:

  • 1

    Coordinating logistics between multiple suppliers

  • 2

    Ensuring consistent and uniform quality benchmarks

  • 3

    Getting the best possible market price for materials

One-stop, hassle-free sourcing solution by GoMaterials

GoMaterials partnered with Pine Lake to take over plant sourcing for their larger projects. From searching through hundreds of suppliers for estimation to timely delivery, GoMaterials offered a completely hassle-free solution.

What’s included in the end-to-end service by GoMaterials:

  • Estimating the best quote based on price, availability, and logistics

  • Ensuring great quality and clarifying any issues with inspectors and architects

  • Managing logistics on the delivery day including follow-ups

  • Always-on, dedicated customer service throughout the whole process

How GoMaterials helped


Assigned a dedicated operations manager and daily calls for tracking


Meticulously planned to offset the longer load-times for the order


Leveraged the industry’s best estimators and vast supplier network to lock in competitive pricing


Set up last-minute storage with our suppliers to keep materials hydrated when the delivery schedule got delayed

GoMaterials & Pine Lake
story to date

Since the first order from Pine Lake in 2018, the GoMaterials team has successfully delivered several large orders and continues to be a trusted sourcing partner.


The partnership at a glance


Total plant units delivered


Estimated administrative hours saved to date

“At GoMaterials, they do the work for you! Simply send in your wish list with budget costs. They will then find it and ship it to your location when you need it. One stop sourcing at its best.”

Jeff Greaux

Construction Manager,
Pine Lake Nursery & Landscape Inc

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