How Strathmore sourced rare, high-quality trees on a tight timeline


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Strathmore Commercial Landscape Management

Founded in 1963, Strathmore is one of the most trusted urban landscape management businesses in Canada. They are well known for their commitment to safety, excellence, and doing what is right.

Strathmore focuses exclusively on commercial landscaping and has won several awards for Landscaping Excellence, HR practices, and Sustainability.


Why Strathmore needed a better solution for large, time-sensitive projects

Strathmore undertakes commercial projects that are often time-sensitive. Their projects require large orders of rare plants and trees that are difficult to source from a single supplier.

On projects with strict timelines, sudden cancellations from suppliers often caused a last-minute sourcing scramble. The timelines also left very little time for Strathmore’s team to orchestrate sourcing with multiple suppliers. Finally, high-end commercial projects undertaken by Strathmore needed greater attention to the quality standards.

Top challenges for Strathmore:

  • 1

    Quick turnaround for large orders of hard-to-find plants and trees

  • 2

    Tight project schedules leaving no room for last-minute material substitutions or supplier cancellations

  • 3

    Plant substitutions needing new approvals and impacting timelines

One-stop sourcing solution by GoMaterials

Strathmore partnered with GoMaterials to optimize their plant procurement. Our team took over the coordination and follow-ups with multiple suppliers. GoMaterials’ solution offered a one stop shop for plants and trees, on-time delivery and saved hundreds of administrative hours for Strathmore.

What’s included in the end-to-end service by GoMaterials:

  • Estimating the best quote based on price, availability and logistics

  • Ensuring great quality and clarifying any issues with inspectors and architects

  • Managing logistics on the delivery day including follow-ups

  • Always-on, dedicated customer service throughout the whole process

How GoMaterials helped


Took over the entire sourcing and coordinating to create a one-stop shop


Meticulously planned backwards from shipment deadline to ensure on-time delivery


Added a layer of quality control to eliminate any rejections from the project architect

GoMaterials & Strathmore’s
story to date

Since the first order from Strathmore, the GoMaterials team has successfully delivered several large orders and continues to be a trusted sourcing partner.


The partnership at a glance


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Estimated administrative hours saved to date

“GoMaterials gives us high quality plant material at a competitive price. Most importantly, they remove our administrative burden and allow our Project Managers to focus on executing more work every month.”

Jessica Milligan

Vice President,
Strathmore Commercial Landscape Management

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