2022 Landscaping Business trends Report released by GoMaterials

The new report highlights key demand and supply challenges for the landscaping industry.


Landscape material marketplace GoMaterials has released their 2022 landscaping business trends report to help landscape professionals plan and prepare for the upcoming year. The report estimates a stellar year for landscaping services based on multiple growth factors such as housing starts, federal funding, and GDP projections. The report also highlights possible supply chain disruptions such as the truck driver shortage and plant shortages that over 60% of nursery leaders predict will continue in 2022.

Supply chain challenges have severely impacted hundreds of landscaping businesses in the last couple of years, resulting in project backlogs and cancellations. The report explores how the increase in purchasing power of US households and the $490 million Infrastructure Act will bolster demand even further, while the workforce shortage and last-mile delivery issues could undermine the industry’s ability to benefit from the growing demand.

“Most of the suppliers and landscapers we work with have struggled with labor and logistical challenges, and these will be the trends to watch out for as landscaping demand soars in 2022,” says Marc Elliott, CEO of GoMaterials. “This report breaks down the multiple complex factors at play in the industry and helps landscape professionals optimize their supply chain strategy and pivot for success”.

Landscaping companies can now download the 2022 Landscaping Business Trends Report to learn more about the possible factors that might affect their bottom line. The report also helps wholesale nurseries gain a better understanding of the plant selection and landscaping design trends this year.

The full report by GoMaterials is now available for a free download on their website HERE.

About GoMaterials
GoMaterials is an online marketplace for sourcing plant materials for landscaping professionals. For more information, visit https://www.gomaterials.com.

About 2022 Landscaping Business Trends Report
The 2022 Landscaping Business Trends report was compiled using public and proprietary data and inputs from nursery partners in the GoMaterials network.


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