GoMaterials Expands Wholesale Plant Sourcing Service to Four U.S. States

The new report highlights key demand and supply challenges for the landscaping industry.


Landscaping supply chain start-up GoMaterials has expanded its wholesale plant procurement service into four U.S states. Following their successful Texas launch in 2021, the free service will now be available to professional landscapers across California, Georgia, and North & South Carolina. Businesses leveraging the service will be able to source wholesale materials without any hassles from hundreds of vetted suppliers across the US & Canada.

Launched in 2016, GoMaterials has helped hundreds of landscapers across Florida, Texas, New York, New Jersey, as well as Quebec, and Ontario in Canada to source millions of dollars’ worth of softscape materials. Founded by a former landscaping business owner, the landscaping startup has consistently strived to help the landscaping industry overcome day-to-day operational challenges. After experiencing delivery delays and plant quality issues firsthand, GoMaterials’ CEO Marc Elliott was determined to create a solution that could solve these supply chain hurdles.

“2021 was a particularly hard year for the industry with plant shortages across the US, and unexpected events such as the Texas freeze. It really helped highlight the value we can bring to the landscaping supply chain,” says Elliott. “It’s a proud feeling to know that even in a tough year GoMaterials helped source over 600,000 plant units and helped save hundreds of man hours for our members.’”

Landscaping professionals across California, Georgia and North & South Carolina opting for GoMaterials’ service can now outsource the chaotic procurement process from estimation and quality checks to delivery – all at no extra cost for their business.

GoMaterials’ expansion to the four states also comes at a time when the demand for landscaping is rising sharply. However, labor shortages are restraining many landscaping businesses from fully benefiting from this growth opportunity. Outsourcing procurement to GoMaterials could free up time spent in coordination and enable landscaping businesses to utilize their workforce more efficiently.

“Our vision is to go beyond being a regular plant procurement service” Elliott says. “We like to think of ourselves as an extension of our customers’ operations team, their sourcing partners. The expansion of our service area is the next step in our journey in the landscape industry, and we are excited to see where it takes us.”


About GoMaterials
GoMaterials is an online marketplace for sourcing plant materials for landscaping professionals. For more information, visit https://www.gomaterials.com.




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