How GoMaterials’ Free Landscaping Software Alleviates Stress for Estimation and Buying Teams

GoMaterials Landscaping Business Software

2022 has proven to be quite a stressful year for the landscape industry as per the 2022 Stress Survey for Landscapers. In fact, 79% of survey respondents stated that they are more stressed in 2022 than in 2021. Whether it’s managing missed calls, responding to the constant influx of emails, managing supplier communications, or trying to get materials to the job site, there’s too much on everyone’s plate across the industry.

With many landscaping businesses struggling with labor shortages, it’s not surprising that many industry workers feel spread thin. GoMaterials’ free landscaping software could be a great solution to help carry the load! Read more to see how we are supporting landscape businesses with their estimation and buying.


How GoMaterials’ Landscaping Business Software Can Support Your Estimation Team

Wholesale plant material estimation has never been more time consuming! One of the key culprits is the plant material shortages, which were voted one of the top stress creators for the industry. Prices are increasing due to the plant shortages and rising inflation. Finding the exact sizes, specs and species required by architects is becoming harder. More and more suppliers are having to be combined on large projects. No wonder estimators are feeling stressed!

In come GoMaterials. Our free landscaping software provides optimized estimates from vetted wholesale nurseries in your region. All you have to do is submit your full plant list (in any format) through the platform, and we will do all the estimation work! Every wholesale plant quote you receive back from GoMaterials is custom-built using our “best-fit” equation:

  • We select the best supplier combinations for your list
  • Nurseries with the right availability will be prioritized
  • Our team compares nursery pricing to ensure your pricing is competitive

For more information on how our landscaping software can help your estimation team, checkout our blog on understanding the GoMaterials process and our optimized plant quotes.


How GoMaterials’ Landscaping Business Software Can Support Your Buying Team

Wholesale plant buying for large commercial or municipal jobs can be very time consuming and stressful. As a buyer you are constantly juggling communication with wholesale nurseries, transporters and internal team members. In fact, the top 3 routine activities contributing to stress as per the 2022 Landscaping Stress Survey were:

  1. Coordination and replying to calls and emails
  2. Buying materials, arranging transport and project scheduling
  3. Having to double check deadlines all the time

Sounds like the majority of a plant buyers’ job to us! For buyers who wear many hats, or for landscaping companies who don’t have enough manpower in their buying team, GoMaterials can be a huge help. We take on wholesale plant sourcing from A to Z. GoMaterials will handle availability checks, supplier confirmations and all logistics organization for your full material lists. We can be a great partner for your existing buying team or an extension of your business if you’re looking to outsource procurement.


How GoMaterials Can Help Your Team Stay Organized

Can’t find the latest version of your estimate? Can’t remember which jobs you already sent out RFQ’s for? Can’t keep track of which materials are being shipped in each phase of your job? GoMaterials’ free landscaping business software helps keep all these things organized! Here are just a few features of our landscaping software:

  • Track and view all your quote requests in one place by status
  • Track and view all your orders in one place by status
  • Track your orders by phase
  • Export all quotes and orders to excel

Checkout our overview of the GoMaterials platform for more information on how our software can help keep your wholesale plant sourcing organized.


Examples of How GoMaterials’ Software has Helped Landscape Businesses

Don’t just take our word for it! We’ve helped a number of landscape businesses across the US optimize their wholesale plant sourcing.

For example, we supported Pine Lake Nursery & Landscape Inc with procurement for a large phased commercial project in South Florida. GoMaterials helped source over 9,000 units of high-quality wholesale shrubs, palms and trees, saving Pine Lake over 50 hours of coordination. Check out all our case studies here.


Landscaping businesses are navigating difficult times. Wholesale plant shortages, inflation, increased competition and labor shortages are all contributing factors. See how GoMaterials’ free landscaping business software for estimation and buying can help by sending in a plant list here. If you’d like to learn more, you can visit our landscaper web page!

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