Volunteers Park

Over 100 trees and conifers to transform a public area into a beautiful community space.


Volunteers Park




Completed 2020


Terrassement Tecnick


Over 100 trees and conifers

As outdoor spaces become more important, projects such as the Volunteers Park set the benchmark for city councils. This redevelopment project reimagined a community area with an attempt to improve the canopy area.

GoMaterials supplied over a 100 trees and conifers for the project that involved purposeful beautification of parking lots and road-side areas.

Materials delivered

Trees & Conifers

Abies Concolor
Acer Ginnala Embers
Acer Nigrum
Acer Pensylvanicum
Acer Saccharinum
Acer Saccharum ‘Green Mountain’
Carya ‘Ovata’
Carya Cordiformis
Celtis Occidentalis ‘Windy City’
Chionanthus Virginicus
Crataegus Crus-Galli
Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo Biloba ‘Princeton Sentry’
Gleditsia ‘Shademaster’
Gleditsia ‘Streetkeeper’
Gymnocaldus Dioicus Espresso
Juglans Nigra

Larix Laricina
Liriodendron Tulipifera ‘Fastiagatum’
Maackia Amurensis
Ostrya Virginiana
Phellodendron Amurense
Picea Abies
Pinus Sylvestris
Platanus Occidentalis
Populus Deltoides ‘Siouxland’
Quercus Bicolor
Quercus Robur
Quercus Rubra
Tilia Americana Redmond
Tilia Cordata Corzam
Tsuga Canadensis
Ulmus Morton
Zelkova Serrata ‘Halka’

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